Weekly Investing Report - Week 47, 2018

September 25, 2018

Another rather disappointing week for most stock indexes. But if compared to cryptocurrencies the stock market performed pretty well! Bitcoin is down almost 11% last week.

I guess with cryptocurrencies this kind of instability is expected. So keep this in mind when reading the 2% loss of the S&P 500 index and -1.27% of NASDAQ Composite!

Generally technology stocks seem to have been quite poor performer overall. With Facebook continuing the down turn and having another -5% loss. On the other side of the spectrum is still Coca Cola - which continues it’s 52 week high. Probably it’s all those Santa Clauses popping up everywhere, spreading Coca Cola’s brand colors ;-)

So who have been the biggest winners and losers this week? Bombardier got a boost of 15.9% thanks to resolving some regulatory issues and rebounding from the previous week. One of the biggest losers is ethereum. I guess you can’t just grow in popularity forever, but as always with cryptocurrencies: Nobody really knows why this happened. Probably a general lack of trust in cryptocurrencies. So better stick to stocks, as there are at least analysts who try to rationalize market performances.

Investing Report: Week 47, 2018.

Investing Report: Week 47, 2018.

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